There are no mistakes...

Most of us have learned to control the "bad" and only feel relieved by the "good." This forces us to judge, make assumptions and comparisons about what is "good" and "bad."  When it comes to CLEANSING (the 7 Steps featured in Emotional Detox), everything has energy and when something heavy, hurtful or upsetting enters your life, you have a choice, either to gain energy (which gives you strength, healing & confidence) or be traumatized by it.

The CLEANSE formula teaches us to focus on choices not mistakes. The universe has its own way of conjuring up the exact situation and scenario which could give you the precise amount of energy (healing) required to complete whatever patterns are showing up. Not just for you but the entire planet.

So next time you resist, push away, or criticize what is showing up in your life, consider a new choice. The choice to CLEANSE rather than reject or undermine what is happening. Need support? Hop on a webinar, attend the Kripalu Retreat on June 17th, schedule a private video chat or download the CLEANSE audio from my SHOP.  The choice is yours!



Insight from a former Self Help Junkie...

When I was a teenager my mother bought me the original version of A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson (1992) (yes, I am that young:), I read it several times. Now this classic has reinvented itself with readers coming across its message for the first time. Mom also gave me Leo Buscaglia book, Loving Each Other, I carried it with me for a long time, copying quotes and putting them in frames around my apartment. This was the early part of my self help junkie years and it makes perfect sense to me now that I would eventually earn my advanced masters level degree in Psychology. 

Here is what I have learned:

It is more about people than content.  

Now with thousands of books, courses, and classes on the market, you can literally spend a life time on the self help band wagon. Sure good, solid content is important however, nothing is more powerful and healing than human connection. Yeah, everyone likes a a helpful tip now and then, I totally get that. However, it isn't until we truly let our guard down and stop trying so damn hard things will begin to transform in ways unimaginable. Here is the thing darling, you have no idea what is in store for you and wishing you had a crystal ball so you could predict the future will only prolong your desires. This is what Emotional Detox is about. I encourage you to give up the quick fixes and instead choose to come along on the beautiful journey of connection. Your emotions will lead the way.

P.S. Want to Get CLEANSED? Join me at Kripalu Yoga & Health Center for a special Emotional Detox Retreat. We will practice the steps, enjoy CLEANSE Yoga™ and so much more. Kripalu is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Begins the evening of June 17th! Check it out HERE.

P.S.S. Remember for a limited time I am giving away the CLEANSE audio from my SHOP, guided meditation download of the CLEANSE formula, when you leave an honest review (copy & paste to me) of Emotional Detox. 

Yours Purely,



You just got instant access to an Emotional Detox, CLEANSE YOGA Video!

Yoga Journal is featuring Emotional Detox, CLEANSE YOGA™ this month and you just got instant access to this beautiful practice. Here is what I have learned:

Your emotions are the key to manifesting! When digested properly (in the absence of reactivity) your emotions give you a great deal of energy. This energy can be utilized to manifest your desires. For the last few weeks I have been seeing the numbers 222 (which mean something is manifesting) EVERYWHERE, to the point where it was comical. I just kept CLEANSING and bam, CLEANSE YOGA™ on the front page of Yoga Journal landed in my inbox. 

This is what manifesting looks like, it is effortless, and the CLEANSE formula teaches you how. Maybe you too have experienced signs from the universe that something is in the works but you are not sure why these signs are not quite leading you to the place you are hoping to be right now. In Emotional Detox, you will learn the difference between an emotion and a reaction. This is key information for your manifesting journey. You will also learn ways we sabotage the energy of our emotions as well as tools for enhancing them. 


Order the book, write an HONEST REVIEW on the site of your bookshop (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Local) send me a copy here and I will send you an audio of the CLEANSE to download on your phone. No longer do you have to suffer when you are in the midst of reactivity . This audio (also available in my SHOP) will help keep you focused on your CLEANSE so you can manifest the life you desire!