Getting Grounded

With all this full moon energy you may be finding it a little difficult to remain focused and calm. Perhaps you are having trouble sleeping or you are finding old resentments and anxieties are creeping up to surface. Full moon energy not only shakes up the old, but also, it downloads  higher vibrational frequencies. Here is the thing, you are not always going to know exactly what, how and why things are unfolding in the way that they are. As I have found in working with clients, it may be something loosening in your souls journey.  Remember you are here for a reason and the souls primary focus is contribution and expansion.

As this energy penetrates the planet, you get to be both challenged and inspired . You have a choice, hang onto old patterns or step into brighter, lighter ways of approaching things. Before heading in that direction however, it is important to take time to get grounded. The practice of yoga allows you to do this easily.  

This months featured CLEANSE Yoga video is: Getting Grounded. You can find it in the SHOP.

In this video you will be offered practical tips and movements for increasing a sense of stability while offering you a sense of Ahhhhh, It is the Ahhh that feeds your creativity and inspiration. 

With Joy,




Feeling this emotion, could change your life......

When was the last time you felt surprised? Perhaps you ran into someone you hadn't seen in awhile or you received an unexpected gift such as a day off.

I recently experienced quite a few pleasant surprises. What I hadn't realized is how incredibly healing this emotion can be. This is because when you are truly surprised, this means you entered a situation with no expectations. In other words, you have allowed and trusted the flow of the universe to direct your course. 

If you are like me, I spent most of my life trying to keep surprises at bay. This is because I associated them with bad news. No wonder I always preferred a heads up.

I played this out in my daily life by doing things on my own, I figured otherwise it might not happen. In other words, I didn't let other people surprise me with their ability to handle things on their own. Thank goodness, that is no longer the case. 

After receiving the recent surprises, I wondered how have I not noticed the value of this emotion before? Then I came across a book, A Mirrored Surprise: Recognizing Ourselves through Christ, by Jeffrey A. Mackey. The author relates the element of surprise as a connection to the holy spirit. 

This idea of recognizing Christ in this way got me reflecting on what it must have been like to witness the healing power of Jesus. I can only imagine what an incredible feeling (of surprise) this must have been.

This week I encourage you to allow yourself to discover the healing properties of this emotion. Be willing to let go of directing what comes your way. Let go of expectations, trust the path you are on and you just might find yourself in awe of your returned attraction.




Are you feeling stuck?

Whether you are in a vehicle stuck in the mud or affixed to your thoughts let's face it feeling stuck is no fun. In fact, it can be rather frustrating, overwhelming and stressful. If you haven't noticed already thinking about your stuckness does not help and neither does talking about it on a regular basis. 

So what do you? How can you move forward without constantly having to revisit or rehash the past? I say, CLEANSE Yoga. CLEANSE Yoga are 30 minute yoga videos which include strength based movement with CLEANSE concepts.

This weeks featured video is on Getting Unstuck. 

Here is the thing, sometimes to get unstuck you need a little coaching, encouragement and to MOVE YOUR BODY. Remember when you purchase Getting Unstuck you don't have to download it. It will always be available for you in the CLEANSE library. The videos are affordable, effective and fun. Who knew you could get unstuck and in shape at the same time. 

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Cheers to Getting Unstuck!