Your Daily Energy Blog: How Would You Answer This?

How Would You Answer This? 

I recently interviewed for a small job. Although it would only take up about two hours of my week, the interview process felt like it was for a forty hour position. Two interviewers took turns asking me questions in a formal conference room, with me on one side of a table and them on another. They did their best to keep the interview light hearted while adhering to the questions on the form.

It would be one question however, which would leave the most impression on me. Perhaps this is one of the benefits of an interview, when answered honestly, they provide a space for self-reflection and personal inquiry.

 The question was, “What are you most proud of?” For a brief moment, thoughts of my children, things I have done, accomplishments would file through my mind. Then I smiled and said, “Well what I am most proud of is I forgave someone who hurt me really, really bad.” It is interesting to watch how people respond to vulnerability. Rather than documenting the answer on paper, both interviewers perked up their eyes from the form, leaned back in their chairs and said, “Wow, that is something we could all learn how to do.”

If you must know, yes, I did get the job. What I also received was a glimpse at some of my deepest strengths and how our inner choices rather than our outer circumstances shape who we are today. What I have found is sure, I am proud of a lot of things but the ones which stick with me are always connected to the way I have chosen love.

Sherianna Boyle



Sherianna Boyle