Five Ways to Make Great Gains through 5th Dimensional Living

As the earth grids evolve, so too will human beings and with that comes an opportunity to learn and grow in the fifth dimensional energy. Think of dimensions as levels of consciousness. They are not places but rather states of being. As the earth raises vibration, old, dark heavier energy will begin to reveal itself. Please note this is coming up to be revealed and healed rather than frowned upon. The moment we move into judgement, point fingers or have an I told you so attitude, we are actually interrupting the process. Those of us blessed enough to live during this time period have two choices, either to stick with old ways (which as you will see won’t work) or surrender most of what you know and move into your God consciousness.

The light pouring upon the earth not only reveals negativity but also opportunity. The calmer you are the less comfortable you make it for this negativity to stick around. This allows you to see the options before you more clearly. If you are feeling a bit unsteady, disheveled, or uncertain, this is not necessarily a bad thing. You have to feel it, to heal it. No doubt some of us are being challenged more so than others and that is because you, my dear, have great promise. To make the most out of this fifth dimensional energy here are some basic guidelines. Follow them and you will make great gains during this time period.

1.      Give Up Reviewing the Past.

Old third dimensional living came with a lot of reviewing the past. This includes past hurts, events and memories. At one point bringing these things up may have brought you a bit of comfort and even connection to others. Things will be different in the fifth dimensional energy. Rather than find connection through our battle scars and woes, bringing up past hurts will do far more harm than good. If you choose to continue this type of behavior you may find people avoid you. This is because it doesn’t match the energy which is coming in and therefore, you will come across as a drain.

Rather than complain about the past, fifth dimensional energy challenges you to find ways to be more present. Mindful strategies and options will grow. This will be greatly beneficial to mother earth as she moves through this transition.

2.      Increase Self-Discipline.

In the third dimension people could easily multi-task and manage to go about their lives with little sleep and nutrition. This will not be the case in the new energy. Multi-tasking will require too much energy and without self-care you are likely to do more harm to your brain (and body) than good. Therefore to make the most of this new energy you will have to change your ways. For some this means learning to say no, set limits and schedule time for self. It will also mean increasing your ability to focus on what matters most, health, family and community. The new energy calls us to draw upon our bodies more as a resource. Those of you who have a difficult time exercising will want to find support such as classes, therapy or coaches.

3.      Love Unconditionally.

Third dimensional living placed a lot of limitations on love. Love has been treated more as a commodity or trophy. These kinds of beliefs are all based on illusion. Many people are feeling a deep lack of connection to love. This fear is justifying some of the current dishonorable behavior you are witnessing. When you believe you have to fight for love or it will disappear this will only contribute to the chaos. Learning to TRUST LOVE is what fifth dimensional living is ALL about.

My guides tell me you will do more good for the world by focusing on how you treat yourself and others. Some of the greatest contributions each of us can make are within our own homes and communities. Trusting requires more listening without needing to fix, rescue or blame the other side.

4.      Stop Hiding.

In the third dimensional energy it was quite easy to put your dreams and desires aside. To wait it out so to speak. This won’t work anymore in the new energy. You are better off going for it than holding back. This is not to say you have to quit your job or make a major move. Sometimes a little goes a long way. This is also true in relationships. If you are hiding your feelings, burying your desires this too won’t work. In the old energy you could carry out and even sustain a relationship in this way. The new energy asks us to step up, ask for what you need and be willing to listen to the needs of others.

5.      Pay Attention!

In the old energy you could get by barely paying attention. For example, you could check out at the grocery store while talking on your phone. This won’t serve you anymore. Not just because it is distracting but also as you enter the fifth dimensional energy, you will be able to receive more guidance for other realms. Small coincidences will be more apparent. The fifth dimensional energy urges us to pay attention, each and every one of us are being guided. If you are too busy texting and staring at your phone you may miss it.

Sherianna Boyle is a Quantum Healing Practioner, author of seven books and founder of CLEANSE Therapy. Her most recent book, Emotional Detox, Simon & Schuster comes out in May 2018.  Her books: Choosing Love, Mantras Made Easy and The Four Gifts Of Anxiety etc. are available at all bookstores and In addition, you can look forward to Sherianna's CLEANSE Yoga 30 minute video series this Fall, 2017.  

Are you spiritually dehydrated?

After years of working in the field of energy as a form of medicine, I have lovingly adopted the term spiritual dehydration. Yes, just like your body can show signs of dehydration through symptoms such as a dry mouth, nausea, irritability and headaches your spirit can also experience a sense of depletion through symptoms such as doubt, bouts of fear, hopelessness and anxiety. You see when your physical body goes into dehydration, it has to prioritize other things such as keeping your larger organs functioning. Spiritual dehydration is similar, only rather than focusing on organs it is attempting to connect you to your life force.

Your life force is the way in which you fully experience the world. It is the state of being you experience when you are in energetic flow. This flow can only be experienced in the present moment. Below are some signs of spiritual dehydration followed by some ways to quench your soul:

Signs of Spiritual Dehydration:

Chronic Thinking: You find yourself, thinking, analyzing and trying to figure out other people and/or situations in your life. This can lead to a lot of internal drama. An inner world where everything feels chaotic and unpredictable.

Doubt. You find you are second guessing your decisions, doubting your strengths, abilities and life’s purpose. You are unsure about the future and seem to be reliving patterns of the past.

Guilt and Shame. You tend to feel bad or take things personally. You have a difficult time letting things go and tend to put a lot of pressure on yourself.

Negativity. No matter how hard you try to stay positive, negative thinking seems to filter through your mind. You also may find you have a lot negative people around you.

Fatigue. You feel mentally and physically exhausted. This impacts your ability to be creative, go out and have fun and try new things.

Ways to Hydrate

Breathe. Take time daily to breathe consciously. Pay attention to your inhale by inflating your abdomen, expanding the sides of your waist and lower back. Notice your exhale, as your navel sinks into your lower abdomen, pressing it back toward your spine. Breathe slowly and deeply several times a day.

Sing. Turn up the tunes and sing your little heart out. Singing opens your heart, lifts your vibration while hooking you up to your life force. Be sure to select music with a positive message.

Pray. The bible states, Jesus told him, 'Don't be afraid; just believe.'” Mark 5:36. The opposite of fear is faith. When you are in fear your energy becomes stagnant and congested. The key is not to pray from fear. See prayer as a way to strengthen your relationship with your higher power. With that said, don’t be afraid of asking for what you desire.

Repeat a Mantra. Mantras are sounds, syllables, words and phrases which are repeated. There are over one hundred you can choose from my book, Mantras Made Easy. The word, Amen (which means, and so be it), can be a mantra or a phrase such as, “Now that I am fully healed I am fully connected to my life force.”

Give a Hug. When you hug someone or an animal you allow your body to release feel good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. A good long (one minute) hug can significantly reduce reactivity in your body while increasing connection. It is healing to both you and the person you are hugging.

If you are still feeling dehydrated don't be afraid to reach out and ask for support. Spiritual hydration is enhanced through your connection to others.

In Service of Love,