Anxious Confessions

June BLOG 2014

I have a confession, it happened, this morning I got anxious. As a result I found myself ranting at my children. This is not atypical at this point of the year as one of my daughters has already transitioned into summer mode and although I love my constant little companion I must admit juggling when the children are in school is one thing and a very different experience when they are out. The truth is, even though I am literally drooling over the progress of my next release The Four Gifts of Anxiety, the final stages require quite a bit of editing and concentration. Honestly, I find myself saying if I weren’t writing it I would buy it. It is yummy.

On another note, I have come to a realization. The problem with anxiety is not that we have it but that we try so hard to get rid of it. It is when we learn to embrace these symptoms they no longer take on a life of their own. My ranting lasted a few minutes and within a half hour I was able to acknowledge and release a fear that had been begging for my attention. I was able to clearly identify the trigger, look it straight in the eyes and say I know you, and all the beliefs, stories, memories and fears you are connected to. Similar to the way I would embrace an old friend or one of my children, I choose to embrace my fear. Wow, who knew I would receive so much growth in one day.

Anxiety is not a barrier, it is an opportunity to deepen and remember who you are. The you without the fear, worries and distractibility. For me, it is what keeps me humble, personable, thirsty for knowledge and motivated to help others. My hope is to help others embrace what comes their way and to grow richer because of it.

Happy Summer (almost),


P.S. Don’t forget The Everything Parents Guide to Overcoming Childhood Anxiety is on the shelf at your nearest bookstore.  Spread the word:)

Sherianna Boyle