Are you feeling stuck?

Whether you are in a vehicle stuck in the mud or affixed to your thoughts let's face it feeling stuck is no fun. In fact, it can be rather frustrating, overwhelming and stressful. If you haven't noticed already thinking about your stuckness does not help and neither does talking about it on a regular basis. 

So what do you? How can you move forward without constantly having to revisit or rehash the past? I say, CLEANSE Yoga. CLEANSE Yoga are 30 minute yoga videos which include strength based movement with CLEANSE concepts.

This weeks featured video is on Getting Unstuck. 

Here is the thing, sometimes to get unstuck you need a little coaching, encouragement and to MOVE YOUR BODY. Remember when you purchase Getting Unstuck you don't have to download it. It will always be available for you in the CLEANSE library. The videos are affordable, effective and fun. Who knew you could get unstuck and in shape at the same time. 

Go ahead check it out by clicking on this link:

Cheers to Getting Unstuck!





Sherianna Boyle