Are You Parenting A Child With Anxiety?

If you are parenting a child who gets worried, nervous about his future and panics about what may happen, you are not alone. Anxiety is like a fever, some days it runs low and you are able to go about your day while other days it wipes you out completely. As a parent you may think where did I go wrong, what do I do and how can I make it stop?  In less than four weeks, my book The Everything Parents Guide to Overcoming Childhood Anxiety will be released. It is available now for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. Until then, I want you to know that it is not your fault. Yes, anxiety is contagious and how you handle it does make a difference however, blaming yourself is not the answer. It turns out, the symptoms actually serve a purpose and my third book, (The Four Gifts of Anxiety, to be released in Jan 2015) shows you the many gifts it has to offer. In the mean time, I offer you support and see myself as your personal assistant. You and your child have everything you need to begin.  You just may need a hand pulling it all together. Now that these books are complete I will be posting more regularly. I am here to serve and ask that you pass this on to anyone who may benefit. Love & Happiness, Sherianna (Sheri)

Sherianna Boyle