Hey Future CLEANSER.....

Emotional detoxes are a journey. Just like preparing to go on a trip, they require preparation, information and a clear plan. This has all been laid out for you in my new book Emotional Detox. You might wonder, what to expect or hope for a specific outcome and I will tell you my friend, that is exactly where you will begin. Emotional detoxes are about clearing the what if's, wanting and internal cravings we can all have, but that is not all.......

As you get to know and practice the seven steps you will naturally evolve into what I call a CLEANSER. I have come to define a CLEANSER in this way:

A CLEANSER is someone who is in the process of learning the practice of feeling and expressing their emotions in the absence of reactivity. 

Now here is a another really cool thing I have come to realize, CLEANSERS are MANIFESTERS IN MOTION! Yes, not only will you learn how to clear negativity and toxicity by following the seven steps I have outlined in Emotional Detox, but also you will learn how to manifest! 

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Naturally Yours,


Sherianna Boyle