How Connecting Kids to their Soul Builds Confidence Inside & Out

How Connecting Kids to Their Soul Builds Confidence Inside and Out

By Sherianna Boyle

 As human beings it is natural to recognize each other by our external appearance. For example, you might recognize someone by the car they drive, the way they look or their personal achievements and accomplishments. Children too are taught to be recognized for their personal efforts and successes. Certainly, these recognitions can be a wonderful contributor to the development of a child’s self-esteem however, to truly build confidence inside and out it is important to connect kids to their soul.

You see the soul works much differently than human recognition. Rather than recognize your child through external circumstances the soul knows your child’s energy. You and your child’s energy is strongest when you are in a state of feeling. While things like learning and studying are great for your child’s brain they tend to focus more on developing your child’s thinking abilities. The soul connects to feeling. With that said, if your child loves reading and learning it is likely he is connected and inspired by his soul. On the other hand, if school stresses your child out or he is wiped out emotionally and physically by the end of the day (even if he is doing well) it is likely he has disconnected from his soul. You see when it comes to human recognition, in the moment as good as it feels, it will eventually fade. No one can be in the lime light forever. The soul on the other hand, is eternal and therefore will maintain your child’s confidence and resiliency for the long run.

Here are five ways to keep your child connected to his soul:

1.      Play. One of the best ways to connect children to their soul is to make time for play no matter how old they are. For example, you might have a family volley ball game or board game. Play brings up all sorts of emotions from excitement, frustration to at times disappointment. It is an opportunity for your child to feel emotions and move through them at the same time. Without these chances kids don’t really get to fully digest their feelings in a healthy positive way.


2.      Music. It is no surprise music gives kids a clear connection to their soul. With that said, it is important to check in with the type of music they are listening to. Music with violent or degrading lyrics may not only negatively influence your child’s soul connection but also his human connection. Take time to get to know the music your child listens to. Some hard rock music can actually be grounding for a child. Trust your gut as a parent if you believe your child is being negatively influenced by his choices. Talk openly about your values without putting down or judging others. Keep the lines of communication.


3.      Exercise. Whether it is structured (e.g. sport) or unstructured (playground) exercise increases the amount of movement of energy in your child’s body. It is also a way to get your child to drink more water which is another way to increase energy (soul connection). Encourage and support any kind of movement through family walks, bike rides or perhaps a membership to a gym. Regular exercise gives your child a chance to be in his body. The body and soul are inherently connected.


4.      Nature. Getting kids and teens outdoors in all the elements (sun, rain etc.) is one of the quickest and most gratifying ways to connect to the soul. Nature like the human body has its own life force. Both your child’s life force and the earths are nurtured by the sun. Without the sun nothing would be able to flourish on the planet. One way to do this is to walk to the bus stop or have a time frame where no television or computers are allowed.


5.      Hugs. Human touch is one of the most powerful ways to connect your child to his soul. Even teenagers need hugs too. Be sure to take time to give your child a pat on the back, or gentle hug. It is not so much what you say but how your child feels when you take the time to do this.


Finally, parents don’t forget to connect to your own souls. Parents too can get caught up in human recognition. Keep the soul vibe strong in your home by taking time to pause, breathe and count your blessings.

Sherianna Boyle is the author of six books the most recent being The Conscious Parenting Guide to Childhood Anxiety and Choosing Love. Her books, trainings and resources can be found at


Sherianna Boyle