Lessons from an Emotional Detox: Final Exam Stuff!

This past week I got to spend some time in final exam land. If you have read some of my work you know I am referring to being with close family members. I call them the final exam because it is always those closest to us which get us to do some of our deepest, most sacred inner work.

You see when you get around family you are able to recognize some of the early roots of your patterns, ways you have reacted to rather than digested your emotions. While being around your loved ones can bring a sense of joy and in our case serious silliness let’s face it, it can (without awareness) trigger some old wounds.

In the Emotional Detox mindset, you can either see this as an opportunity or setback. Opportunities bridge you to a new way of thinking and responding to those triggers while set backs cause you to revisit them. You know you took the route of opportunity when you gain wisdom, healing, and clarity from the experience. In my case, I left with a widened lens on how the C.L.E.A.N.S.E Method® (featured in my book Emotional Detox) is a means for transforming all experiences (even those found in the final exam). The formula gives you a process for remaining neutral so that you are able to transform what is coming up to be healed into compassion, joy and love.

The bottom line is family is sacred and the bond that we create by moving through all situations make us stronger and better able to serve in the way your soul desires.

Love your C.L.E.A.N.S.E lessons, share your inspiration! Tell me what you have learned.



Sherianna Boyle