Major A ha Moment

Major A ha Moment

 This past Sunday I went to church without my family. I decided rather than put an extraordinary amount of energy into convincing my children to attend I would use the time to focus on myself. Although I don’t plan on making this a habit in this case it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made that day. It would be in the pew after receiving communion on my knees praying that I would receive one of the biggest a ha moments yet.

You see I did what many of us were taught to do I started to pray for others. Almost inevitably my prayers began with my children, husband and extended family. Just as I was ready to move into my community I heard a declarative voice inside my head. This is a voice I have gotten to know over the years, some may call it the voice of God while others see it has higher consciousness. To me it is all one in the same.

The voice said, pray for an increase in your faith. Once you increase your faith you will no longer have the need to prayer for your children. The reason you pray for your children is because you can’t always see their progress. Remember not everything can be seen. Have faith in their progress and shift your prayers into giving thanks.

There it is my major A ha moment. If this piece has touched you in some way you are going to love my most recent book Choosing Love by Sherianna Boyle much of this book was channeled from a source way bigger than me.

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Sherianna Boyle