Getting Grounded

With all this full moon energy you may be finding it a little difficult to remain focused and calm. Perhaps you are having trouble sleeping or you are finding old resentments and anxieties are creeping up to surface. Full moon energy not only shakes up the old, but also, it downloads  higher vibrational frequencies. Here is the thing, you are not always going to know exactly what, how and why things are unfolding in the way that they are. As I have found in working with clients, it may be something loosening in your souls journey.  Remember you are here for a reason and the souls primary focus is contribution and expansion.

As this energy penetrates the planet, you get to be both challenged and inspired . You have a choice, hang onto old patterns or step into brighter, lighter ways of approaching things. Before heading in that direction however, it is important to take time to get grounded. The practice of yoga allows you to do this easily.  

This months featured CLEANSE Yoga video is: Getting Grounded. You can find it in the SHOP.

In this video you will be offered practical tips and movements for increasing a sense of stability while offering you a sense of Ahhhhh, It is the Ahhh that feeds your creativity and inspiration. 

With Joy,




Sherianna Boyle