Being Truth

I think most of us have wondered at some point if someone else was telling the truth. I know for me there have been plenty of times I have bent my words so they might land more gently into the experience of others. What I have learned is telling and living in my truth are completely different. To me the idea of telling the truth feels a bit like a confession. For example, when my husband asks me how much money I have spent, depending on what it is there may be a moment when I squirm inside.  After all these years, he has finally called me out on my “huh, not too much” response teasing me that I suddenly get hard of hearing.  

To be in your truth means to live your life in a space of authenticity. My husband knows I genuinely believe in my investments. The large cup of tea I buy myself regularly at a local coffee shop to some may seem frivolous however, for me it is a way to slow down, tune into the world around me and connect with others. Here is the thing, you cannot do truth. You see because we are all unique and view the world through our own lens of experiences it is nearly impossible to get someone to see the world exactly as you do.

I say rather than spend precious time and energy attempting to convince or explain to others your version of truth you are better off sharing the energy you have fostered from living within it. In order to do this it is best to connect with who you are today in this very moment. Not who you want to be or what you were but who you are now, this my friend, is your truth.

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Sherianna Boyle