Ready, get set, ...... here we go

Hey Future Cleanser,

I just got word pre-orders are filling up and shipments should be going out sometime next week! It is not to late to jump in on the pre-order bandwagon. Order Emotional Detox using this link: and you get a FREE mini CLEANSE download. 

Those of you who enjoy the book and kindly leave a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or a local bookshop will qualify for the next FREE gift I have got cooking up. 

You see to be a CLEANSER, there has to be just the right amount of support and guidance. Otherwise, you may unknowingly fall back into old patterns and habits. No worries I will be there to nudge you back. To make it easier for us to stay connected be sure LIKE the Emotional Detox FB page:

Once you get these seven steps down, the sky is the limit. This is because the CLEANSE is designed to work in accordance with the law of attraction!!  

I am so excited to have you be a part of this journey. 



Sherianna Boyle