There are no mistakes...

Most of us have learned to control the "bad" and only feel relieved by the "good." This forces us to judge, make assumptions and comparisons about what is "good" and "bad."  When it comes to CLEANSING (the 7 Steps featured in Emotional Detox), everything has energy and when something heavy, hurtful or upsetting enters your life, you have a choice, either to gain energy (which gives you strength, healing & confidence) or be traumatized by it.

The CLEANSE formula teaches us to focus on choices not mistakes. The universe has its own way of conjuring up the exact situation and scenario which could give you the precise amount of energy (healing) required to complete whatever patterns are showing up. Not just for you but the entire planet.

So next time you resist, push away, or criticize what is showing up in your life, consider a new choice. The choice to CLEANSE rather than reject or undermine what is happening. Need support? Hop on a webinar, attend the Kripalu Retreat on June 17th, schedule a private video chat or download the CLEANSE audio from my SHOP.  The choice is yours!



Sherianna Boyle