Toxic Relationships Happen and Help Is Here....

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Hey Folks,

This week I was featured in Prevention Health as one of the experts in toxic relationships. It is there you will find some quick tips for how to manage these relationships, including my suggestion on learning how to set healthy boundaries. While the article might have planted the seed, setting boundaries is not an easy skill. This is why I developed an entire, downloadable course called Emotional Detox: Cleansing for Better Boundaries. You can purchase the course through Spirituality & Health.

In addition, I discuss Toxic People, on one of my recent Emotional Detox Podcast episodes. You can Subscribe and Download HERE. It there I help you get started by reframing the word, “toxic.”

Grab your copy of Emotional Detox: 7 Steps to Releasing Toxicity & Energizing Joy,today! Don’t wait to get on this band wagon. Emotional Detox for Anxiety is hot on its heels, with cutting edge research, and an entirely new way to view and treat anxiety!

Together we can get this world feeling again!



Sherianna Boyle