What New Year's Resolutions & Diet's Have in Common

What New Year Resolutions and Diet’s Have in Common

      Resolutions are like diets in that you begin with the best intentions but slowly seep into old patterns of wanting more. Similar to counting calories they can be time consuming, requiring you to constantly remind yourself to remember to think of them. When you forget, you feel guilty and frustrated. In the end, you realize your conscious mind was never really in charge as it is the subconscious mind that truly runs the show.

     Consider creating a mantra as your course of action into the New Year. Resolutions require you to focus on what you will do to change a perceived problem while Mantra’s remind you that you already have what you need. Stated repeatedly as words or phrases mantras are powered by the sacred energy of being in the moment. A resolution sounds like, I will exercise more while a mantra states, having the motivation to exercise comes with ease. More about the power of mantra’s in my new book, The Everything® Parent’s Guide to Overcoming Childhood Anxiety available for pre-order on Amazon late January.


                                                   Love & Happiness, Sherianna


Sherianna Boyle