Video interview with Julie Kleinhans of Mind Focus Generation

I had the pleasure of talking with Julie Kleinhans from Mind Focus Generation this week, here is our conversation:

Many of us have either suffered from anxiety ourselves or know someone that has. Today, more and more kids are increasingly experiencing anxiety, which is why I wanted to help you by offering a new perspective on how we can heal our anxiety—and that is by looking at the gifts that anxiety is providing for us! 

My very special guest Sherianna Boyle came to chat with me about her latest book The Four Gifts of Anxiety. You may be thinking ‘How the heck can anyone consider anxiety a gift?’… And I agree, until you hear what Sherianna has to say.

Sherrianna also wanted to offer my community a very special gift to help release anger. Remember that even if you are ignoring, suppressing or holding in your anger, it still remains part of your emotional set point, and the law of attraction always responds to the vibrations you give off, deliberately or not. Which is why it’s so important to go within and release any anger that may be hiding. 

Click here to claim your free Escorting Anger MP3 which includes a technique for handling anger in a positive, productive and empowering way.


Sherianna Boyle