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It all started when...

For three years, I sent my daughter to a top notch nutritionist. She received the best education however, it seemed like it was not carrying over into her daily life. So, I surrendered my expectations and put her on these products. She drank two drinks a day (morning activate & basics and evening restorative). Each one is a packet you pour in your water. This was easy and honestly more realistic for her. Within eight days, I saw a difference in her mood and she was beginning to use all those wonderful skills taught to her. I saw her making her own food!

Now I recommend these products to my CLEANSE clients. I find they too are more likely to use the CLEANSE formula from the book Emotional Detox, when they are taking these pure, clean products. 

Today, I have a manager page where you can order at a discount direct from me. You can be a customer, try the products out for a month or so. If you find like me you are sharing with allot of people, you can sign up on my team as a manager. 

Either way, give them a try!  HERE