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Emotional Detox: Individual C.L.E.A.N.S.E Sessions

Individual sessions are done over the phone or via Zoom. Using your life circumstances I will take you through the process of an Emotional Detox. Clients range from ages 14 into late adulthood.

Emotional Detox Workshops & Retreats 2018

Retreats are one or weekend long offerings where we explore the C.L.E.A.N.S.E concept through yoga, meditation, and interactive exercises.

NEXT RETREAT: September 21-23 2018  Sea Crest Beach Hotel, Falmouth, MA. Go to www.loveyogafest.com for more information. 




ebruary 2019

Join me for a very special weekend in the beautiful Berkshires June 2018: June 17-19 2018. Emotional Detox featuring a weekend immersion blending, yoga, mindful exercises and meditation utilizing The CLEANSE formula, Kripalu Retreat Center.  Lenox, MA.  Register

Your Daily Energy (4 audio healings to clear, maintain and increase your energy)

You are made of energy and each day you come in contact with other people's energy as well as the collective influences on the planet. These four healings will build your resiliency, clear what you don't need and give you relief from symptoms of anxiety. Use them as often as you like. 

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