30 Minute Energy Readings
These readings are done over the phone. In this reading you will gain information about how your energy is running, ways to optimize it, as well as a 10 minute energy clearing. You will be amazed at how much we can accomplish in 30 minutes. Readings cost $59. 

I am so very grateful to have had the experience of receiving a 30 min energy reading on the phone with Sherianna My reading was incredibly accurate; it had confirmed that what I had been experiencing was energy blockage due to excessive sadness energy that I was carrying in my body since child hood that needed to be cleared! I accepted the gift of a clearing and within minutes I was feeling lighter, I could breathe better and the blockage had been lifted!  I love the way I feel now!  I Highly recommend this energy reading experience!  Autumn

Quantum Therapy
Quantum Therapy gets to the root cause of what may be preventing you from living the life you desire. It is a blend of counseling and energy healing session. Sessions run approximately 75 minutes in length and can be done over the phone or in person.

Private Yoga Therapy
Private Yoga therapy allows me to tap into your energy while guiding you through yoga postures. Very often energy blockages come up to be released on the mat. I will teach you how to release those blockages and redirect your awareness. Each session ends with a 10 minute quantum healing session.



Due to confidentiality the names below have been kept confidential. I assure you they are real clients who volunteered to share their testimonials.

Sherianna I wanted to say thank you so much! Tomorrow we leave on our cruse and I have been anxiety free about traveling which for me is amazing. Thank you so much for all your help. Cindy. Feb 2017

Each session with Sherianna Boyle revealed blocks I never knew I was still carrying from childhood that has kept me stuck to move forward in my life today. 70 years later. I am excited to share that each block you removed as well as unlocking a closed heart has allowed me to become the person I of my dreams. With unquestionable confidence and encouragement, I am making choices without fear. Motivated to say YES to new opportunities and exploring new possibilities have brought more enjoyment and delight I could ever image.    Arlene July 2016

So proud of this girl. To see her testimonial check out her blog which she started shortly after a clearing session. She really proves the body can heal.  April 2016

Sheri has a tremendous gift. She's intuitive, thoughtful, respectful and passionate about what she does. After a brief consult she went right to work. I felt supported, safe and trusted her extensively. Working together helped shift my path. I'm living a happy abundant life. Thank you!   K. May 7, 2016

"Sherianna is amazing at what she does.  I was going through some major life changes and emotional wounds when I was lucky enough to find her.  She was able to identify my underlying fears, blockages, and vibrational energy and address these issues through her healing techniques.   Our sessions have resulted in a huge improvement in my overall happiness and outlook on life.  The transformation has been almost magical - and yet so effective.  Her instruction and ‘homework’ has allowed me to maintain these benefits and continue on my path to love and inner peace.”

J.L. .March  2016

If you have never been to see Sherianna Boyle in person, now is the time!! Put it on your important to do list. Not the list that you hope to get to, the list you must get to. I'm telling you it is totally worth it, I've never felt as much healing, as I did tonight and am still feeling it 4 hours later. I come away with the fact, truth, belief and feeling that I am energy and I am love and everyone reading this is energy and love as well. Please do yourself a favor, buy her book, reach out and get involved with her, your life, family, friends and loved ones will see feel and experience the difference.

R.K. Dec 2015.

"I have had only two sessions with Sherianna Boyle and I find her work to be so selfless and just simply beautiful. She really digs deep and taps into the energies which lay dormant. I have walked away both sessions smiling, feeling lighter and more in tune with who I am. I highly, highly recommend her services, and I believe it is no accident that God and the angels brought me to her. I feel blessed to have her, her positive energy and soul in my corner.

B. 2016.





Just BE

Just BE