Sherianna is a gifted, intuitive healer who illustrates her credentials well. Her warmth does not leave after a private seession, or after the work concluded in a session. She appears wise beyond her years and this is a true gift for the community. ~Michelle C. 
I can honestly say since my healing with Sherianna, I have never felt so happy. I can confidently say it has lasted way longer than I expected. Since the healing my whole life has changed. Within days I applied for a job I never would have thought of before. Sherianna pointed it out to me and it felt right so I went for it. I feel excited and hopeful about my future. ~Natalie
“My hour spent with Sherianna helped to refocus my perspective and look at my situation in a new light. Sherianna is kind and warm and has so much knowledge that she shares so very generously. I am so glad to know her.” ~Nathalie Kazandjian