Your book Emotional Detox is quickly transforming my life in the most positive way! For years I had been struggling with depression, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. I was holding on to so many toxic emotions and not digesting them or addressing them at all. After reading the book and using the method, I have been able to overcome those crippling emotions and experience joy in my life again! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world!  Heather

“I was struggling with a five day out break of hives. Sherianna suggested I use the C.L.E.A.N.S.E formula from Emotional Detox to clear the hives. I did and by the next day they were gone for good.” Melissa

I have done about 6 years of personal growth/trauma recovery work with weekend seminars/retreats, weekly classes, books, various types of meditation, and 12-step to deal with the affects of being raised in an alcoholic family. I have say using the CLEANSE method this past month has literally taken years off my face. I haven't lost weight or changed my diet, and yet my face is less saggy and bloated. More importantly, as I go through dealing with a major health issue and the related debt and unemployment, my mindset is SO much more at ease and I have been more productive. It is a process and I have a ways to go. I do see the forward motion and can sincerely recommend this book for people frustrated with stalled progress from talk therapy or CBT coaching. 

The book is a game changer because Sherianna Boyle focuses first on your physical experience and ways to settle down your nervous system that truly creates an immediate benefit. After doing the CLEANSE, which takes about 3 minutes, I am so wonderfully primed for my 20 minute transcendental meditation. Truly, past experiences that grinded away at me and loop in my mind do dissipate. Since reading the book, I have booked sessions with Sherianna and that REALLY makes a difference when first learning the process. She has phenomenal skills listening for the unconscious stories underneath one's struggles. Thank you Sherianna! Jess-

Calming the Storm of Childhood Anxiety was one of the best workshops I have ever been to with PESI Behavioral Health. Thank you Sherianna! Charles, Ph.D.

I have been suffering from severe depression for most of my life. I used to lie in bed for a good part of the day. I even was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for suicide watch. After attending Sherianna’s Emotional Detox workshop I had a revelation. She had us do a series of exercises along with learning the C.L.E.A.N.S.E. By the end of the class I felt pure joy and ecstasy. Something I had not felt in such a long time. I later met with Sherianna one and one and she was able to move me through the steps in a way where I could heal my past traumas. I thank Sherianna so much and highly recommend her to anyone who wants more positive experiences in their life. Brad

Sherianna is a gifted, intuitive healer who illustrates her credentials well. Her warmth does not leave after a private seession, or after the work concluded in a session. She appears wise beyond her years and this is a true gift for the community. ~Michelle C.

I can honestly say since my healing with Sherianna, I have never felt so happy. I can confidently say it has lasted way longer than I expected. Since the healing my whole life has changed. Within days I applied for a job I never would have thought of before. Sherianna pointed it out to me and it felt right so I went for it. I feel excited and hopeful about my future. ~Natalie

“My hour spent with Sherianna helped to refocus my perspective and look at my situation in a new light. Sherianna is kind and warm and has so much knowledge that she shares so very generously. I am so glad to know her.” ~Nathalie Kazandjian