Author and wellness expert Sherianna Boyle shows you how to C.L.E.A.N.S.E your anxieties, clearing a path for new positive habits, behaviors, and emotions.

Experiencing reactions to worries, stress, and doubt can put obstacles in our path to a happy and fulfilled life. An anxiety detox is a systematic and mindful way to purge these harmful thoughts. Once freed from this burden, an anxiety detox returns us to our joyful, carefree state.

Emotional Detox for Anxiety is a reset for the soul, flushing out negative feelings, clearing a path for new habits and behaviors, and energizing you to accept peace, acceptance, and pure joy.


Emotional Detox: 7 Steps to Release Toxicity and Energize Joy

This is the core book of which Sherianna Boyle’s emotional detox program, C.L.E.A.N.S.E. is built upon. Sherianna shares her personal story of rebuilding her marriage after finding out about her husband’s affair. This book represents a new way of thinking, healing and the power of love.


Manifesting just got a whole lot easier.


Choosing Love


"If there is a relationship in your life causing you stress or fear ... let Choosing Love be your guidebook on how to love the right way . Transform the relationships in your life in a way that will have you overflowing with happiness and joy ... .Eradicate that fear and go all in.” -- Metro US



As a mama managing food allergies, I’m used to navigating different levels of anxiety in my family’s life. So when I received Sherianna Boyle’s book, I dove right in.

I’ve been reading daily ever since, right down to her last helpful words.

The cover describes Boyle’s book as “a mindful approach for helping your child become calm, resilient, and secure.” It definitely hits the mark. Dare I share that I’ve applied Boyle’s analysis and tips on managing anxiety to myself as well!  See full review here:


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The Everything Parents Guide for Overcoming Childhood Anxiety has been selected by  Barnes & Noble as a FEATURED book.

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Practical advice to help parents and kids cope with anxiety!


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John D. Moore, PhD from reviews The Four Gifts of Anxiety, May 19, 2015.
"Boyle’s book also takes on the issue of negative self-talk in a way that is free of clinical jargon and free of the kind of mumbo-jumbo you might find elsewhere. Instead, she writes in everyday language. I was particularly glad to see how she speaks to, not at, her readers.Boyle is worthy of your time if you want to mindfully work through anxiety and stress without being overwhelmed by jargon. And if you are a clinician who treats clients with anxiety, you might want to suggest Boyle’s book to your patients. Lastly, the book, though targeted at anxiety, seems like it would be able to help with various forms of depression, too. As a clinician myself, I can see how the principles and teaching in the text could be applied more widely to help clients."


Did you know?  A recent study shows one of the greatest factors influencing teacher satisfaction is their perception of students motivation and behavior (Journal of Educational Psychology 2012)

With that said I am pleased to announced my book!

Powered by Me® for Educators. The True Force Behind All Classroom Strategies, Higher Teaching Potential and Student Progress (Balboa Press). 

This is the essential guidebook of mindful approaches to renew teachers, empower students and build community.  It is one of the few books parents and teachers can share. 

It addresses a variety of topics such as:  behaviors, self-doubt, criticism, transitions, motivation, teacher burn out, staff culture and more. 

Powered by Me® is a mindset, that the true power behind any tool is YOU. Whether you are a teacher, parent young or older adult your energy, passion, and most of all attention to the moment, strengthens who you are.  It is my intention to create experiences that support the development and practice of this mindset.