One Sure Way to Eliminate Gossip

You can usually tell the level of anxiety in a workplace by the amount of gossip. Gossip happens when people are feeling overwhelmed, distrustful and uncertain about change. Gossip runs off low energy signals and separation from self. Initially it may seem harmless however, when left unattended it can zap your intentions and abilities to lead a life and career which serves you and others well.

Here is the thing, you can’t control how another person handles their stress and anxiety but you can influence your own. A typical response to gossip may be to join in, protect yourself, walk away, redirect the conversation or withdrawal from social situations. I personally have tried them all. No doubt this can be a way to cope however, what I have learned is what I choose to cope with I actually manage.

One way to truly eliminate gossip is to choose love. You see, because gossip feeds off low energy it cannot survive in an atmosphere where love is present. I am not saying you have to love the people that are gossiping however, I am saying when you bring yourself to a state of love gossip will begin to evaporate.

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Sherianna Boyle